Monday, 26 January 2009

A long overdue update

So, unless this little blog is the only contact you have ever had with me, you will know that I have been a little busy. You see, I kinda got started on '#1 Have a baby' earlier than planned, which, as well as changing my priorities, has thrown the list into some chaos, since there are now things that I know I will not achieve - some because the opportunity has passed, others because I no longer consider them possibilities with a baby to take into account. That said though, I have actually managed to accomplish a few things off the list and will be updating as and when I get the opportunity (ie, when, like now, the baby is sleeping).
I considered going through and changing the list, but I've decided to leave it as is, do my best to accomplish what I still can and to document everything, even those things I've missed - even if no-one else finds it interesting, I will. Besides, I'm over 2/3 the way through time-wise, so it seems silly to change it now.

Monday, 3 September 2007


Finally getting around to updating - I am post-dating things to the date they were actually completed and adding links to the completed items on the sidebar. Also on the sidebar are links to the longer-term goals that can be checked off as I go. Apologies if any of you are reading through a reader and getting spammed... I'm going to try and stay on top of this from now on, but first I have to play a bit of catch-up...

#73 - Local Farmers' Market

We've actually done this more than once now - checked out 2 different ones both within walking distance. But I forgot to take photos and we didn't buy anything. We keep seeing ones in other towns while we are out of London that look really great, but haven't found one close enough to visit every week and actually purchase stuff from. I am still on a mission to find a better place to get my produce though, because the stuff you get in supermarkets here is not up to my ingrained standards on freshness and quality, but I am marking this task as completed. Hopefully I will be able to update it later with pictures from my new, as yet undiscovered, market.

Friday, 31 August 2007

#54 - A photo a day for a month

August 2007
August 2007

That's only August 1-30, but you can click on the photo to see the whole set. I think it achieved it's purpose, in that I took more photos because I consciously had to get my camera out and take photos every day. Some days though, it was very forced and I wasn't too happy with the outcome, but I am happy I did it.

Friday, 3 August 2007

#72 - Edinburgh Military Tattoo


We thought we'd have to go next year or miss out, since we forgot to stay on top of ticket release dates and whatnot. Graeme went online to check out the info so that he could put the appropriate dates in his calendar and was able to get a pair of tickets to the first show. We had a great time and were very glad we went and saw it live, rather than just seeing the tv recap.

#53 - A day in the life

My interpretation of the idea: Take a series of photos to represent your day. Not just the exciting things, but the mundane everyday things too.

An online forum I am a member of decided to pick one day on which we would all photograph our day. The day chosen ended up being a very out of the ordinary day for me - we travelled to Edinburgh to see the tattoo (another thing off my list). I will probably do this again when I am doing less exciting things, but as much as I like the idea of capturing the mundane as well as the interesting, my life is just TOO mundane at the moment to interest anyone.

This is the first photo of the day.
Click through to my flickr and then follow along the set.
0732 - Kings Cross

Sunday, 29 July 2007

#70 - Tate Galleries

Tate Modern
31 March 2007

Tate Britain
Tate Britain
29 July 2007

The aim was to visit two Tate galleries, which we have now done. I wouldn't be surprised if we visit more, or go back to these ones. You gotta love free museums and galleries.